Winter’s Essence Essential Oil Spray

We are half way through winter, which for some of us can be the hardest part. We started out strong. We started out loving our big comfy sweaters and hot chocolate, but now our longings have turned to flips flops and sunshine. Our internal sunshine is running low and our endurance and tolerance for the fickleness of coldness is running thin. Sure not everyone is like this, but those of you that are know what I am talking about.

This essential oil spray is for you. And for those of you whose endurance is still running high for cold air and slippery things I commend you but think you will still enjoy this winter essence spray.

This is an uplifting spray for the winter blues with essential oils that bring a combination of joy, warmth, and invigoration.

-Wild Orange is an essential used for it’s joyful effect on the emotions, it inspires happy sunny thoughts and feelings.

-Petitgrain is an essential oil derived from the small unripe oranges before they grow into maturity. It too is used for its happy factor.

-The Chamomile essential oil brings an earthy calming factor to the spray while encouraging feelings of happiness. It is a plant known for its ability to lift feelings of depression while giving one the lightness they need to keep going. It supplies an energy needed to endure and maintain a positive outlook at the same time.

-Cinnamon is included for its warming effect both on the body and the mind. I love cinnamon! It is amazing at increasing warmth in the body and comfort in the mind. Perfect for winter blends.

Mixed all together the essentials combine to offer warmth, happiness and an endurance that can be needed to keep on going through the darker, colder winter months.

It’s like sunshine in a bottle.

Winter Essence Recipe

1oz Witch Hazel
5 drops Wild Orange Essential Oil
3 drops Petitgrain Essential Oil
2 drops Chamomile (German or Roman) Essential Oil
2 drops Cinnamon Essential Oil

Combine all ingredients in a 1oz spray bottle.

Tip: It is a good idea to always clearly label your bottles with ingredients and the date. It saves a lot of confusion when you have a lot of bottles, can’t remember what you put in it, misplace it and find it months later, or for others that may pick up your homemade herbal products.

One of the best parts of making your own products is that you can tailor it to be exactly how you like it. Maybe you want to cut down on the Petitgrain and add more Chamomile. Experiment and have fun or buy it here.

Be well & stay wild,

Green Beauty, An Ancient SkinCare Tradition

The Green Beauty Movement

Green beauty has its roots deep in the ancient wisdom of herbal lore and its blossoms in the light of modern day plant science.

This movement in the beauty and skincare industry towards herbs, plants, living foods, and natural ingredients is the movement away from chemicals and towards the green world of plants. And although the “green beauty movement” is fairly new (in the past twenty years or so), green beauty itself is an old practice spanning the centuries of herbalism.

There is ancient wisdom in using the plants that grow in the forests and fields for healing. This wisdom has been used for thousands of years by our ancestors for both health, beauty, and skincare.

Using herbs and plants in the products we put on our skin is more than just healthy and good for the environment. It is a connection with the earth. It is healing our skin as we move through the sun, the wind, the rain, and the snow and is supporting our skin as we live, laugh, and cry. But it also feeds the spirit, the part of us that longs for and knows that we belong to something greater than just ourselves. When we use plants for beautification we are putting ourselves in sync with the earth on which we live and our skin, our largest organ, is drinking up all the life force that went into growing those plants. The result is a greater connection to Nature, to Spirit, to the Universe, to Life.

Using the green world for beauty is something women all over the world do and have done. Our grandmothers did it. Our ancestors before them did it. For generations upon generations wise women and men have been using the living world of plants around them for beauty. There was and is no need for harsh or potentially toxic chemicals and there was no need to call it organic skincare, because it simply was, by nature organic.

Green beauty or organic skincare is a way of living, of using the plants and foods from the earth on which we live for healing and for connection to the earth on which we live. It is choosing not to use chemicals, petrochemicals, gmo’s, artificial fragrances, and ingredients engineered by man. It is also choosing to use ingredients that were harvested sustainably, in fair trade conditions, and using containers that are recyclable or reusable.

It is a return to the old ways of health and beauty, when things were natural and organic by nature.


Beauty & Spirituality

Beauty, true beauty is a spiritual quality. True beauty is a quality that is in alignment with who we are, our truth, and our expression of that truth. When we look at nature we see this. The flowers and the trees radiate a beauty that has inspired poetry and art for eons of time, and they do this with a spirit that is in full expression of who they are. The oak does not spend its days trying to be a spruce tree and the daisy does not wish it was a morning glory. They understand who they are and shine from there.

It is a self confidence and a knowing sense of belonging.

There is an elegance that comes from feeling beautiful. Feeling beautiful comes from a place of self confidence, and self confidence comes from a place of knowing oneself and loving oneself.

There is a connection between the green world of beauty and the health consciousness world and I wanted to expand on that connection. Beauty is being redefined as a spiritual quality. As it should be, because when we are aligned with our happiness we are beautiful, our light shines out from within, and colors everything about us as it does so.

What we Speak

What we Think

What we Eat

What we Do

What we Apply

When these all come from a place of wanting to treat ourselves right then they are all contributing to our beauty practices. Beauty is part of our spiritual foundation. It is another way to look at being a whole, balanced, and healthy person.

But to do this we have move away from an old definition of beauty. The old definition says we have to look like this certain type of model, and we have to weigh within a certain range, have a certain bust size, certain symmetrical features, the right height, and fall within the correct race, and age category, and blah blah boring.

Obviously that is dysfunctional. The correct definition is a woman (or anyone) that is living healthy, the best she can, and expressing that internal beauty into an outward radiance in any way that feels liberating to her. The end.


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Skin Absorbs 60% of What of You Put On It


The leaves of plants have these things called stomata. Stomata are little gateways that release and take in moisture from the air as the plant responds to its environment. The leaves of plants are breathing. Our skin is very similar in that it too is receiving information from the environment around us and sending messages to the rest of our body to be acted upon accordingly, it too breathes.


Skin is intelligent. It can tell us when we the temperature is too cold, too hot, too dry, too wet and make micro adjustments accordingly. It can, like the leaves of plants absorb and release moisture. Our skin is breathing and permeable.

Fact: The skin absorbs 60% of what we put on it.

Let that fact soak in for a second. More than half of what you put on the outside of your skin ends up on the inside of your skin.

It is miraculous. Without us doing anything our skin is in exchange with the fresh air we are hiking in, the sunshine we are frollciking in, the ocean we are floating in, the hot springs we are soaking in. It means that we can use our skin to deliver nutrients into our body, it means we feed our skin. It also means our skin is exchange with every oil, lotion, cream, and make up that we use.

The beauty industry is not heavily regulated, just because it is on the shelf for sale does mean it is safe for use, especially long term use. We need to be discerning about what we are slathering and lathering on one our biggest organs. Many of our lotions, skin creams, body creams, sun screens, ect have added chemicals like emulsifiers, emollients, thickeners, fragrances, and preservatives. Many of these have not been tested or are questionable for long term use, and many of them are ending up in our systems due to the fact that the skin absorbs so very much.

This is why checking your ingredients, even on beauty products that say natural and organic (chemicals can be organic) is important. Take care of your insides by being diligent about what you put on the outside.

Make your own or buy from a green beauty company that is truly invested in keeping their beauty and skin products clean and clear of harmful chemicals.

And read the ingredients and use to plug in any unknown ingredients and find out more about what you are putting on your skin.

Be well!


Peppermint Bark Sugar Scrub Recipe

This peppermint bark sugar scrub recipe is going to become your favorite winter holiday salvation, it has the deep, rich smell of chocolate, the uplifting smell of peppermint and leaves your skin super soft after a using in a warm shower.

Cocoa powder not only tastes great and makes wonderful food, the all necessary dark chocolate but its also packed with anti-oxidants which are good for your insides and for your skin. The cocoa powder adds an element of nutrients for your skin to this  sugar scrub. It acts like a full body mask if you let it soak in for a few moments in the shower after exfoliating with it.

Although any cocoa powder would work for this sugar scrub, supporting a fair trade chocolate company would be great. The chocolate industry has a history of using child slave labor. Whole Foods and health food stores will carry a certified fair trade cocoa powder, just look for the certification on the label.

This recipe also contains the CO2 extract of Cocoa, which is like the essential oil of the cocoa plant. It adds a deep grounding scent to this recipe. If you want to leave out the Cocoa extract you can do so, but it does take the peppermint bark scrub to the next level of awesome-ness as far as scent is concerned.

This sugar scrub also contains peppermint essential oil. Peppermint is known to be uplifting to the spirits and good for mental clarity.  It is also great for digestion and has been known to help curb the appetite and cravings. So instead of grabbing another holiday cookie go jump in the shower with your peppermint bark sugar scrub, it will feed your soul and your senses, leave you feeling refreshed, and leave you skin soft and nourished, you’ll be glowing brighter than all those holiday lights.


Peppermint Bark Scrub

***this recipe makes about 4oz

1tbs Cocoa Powder

1/4 cup Cane Sugar

1/4 cup + 1tbs Sunflower Oil (or other non-smelling cold pressed organic oil)

1/4 cup Sea Salt (fine sea salt is better than coarse for this recipe)

3 drops Peppermint EO

2 drops Cocoa CO2 Extract



Rose Hip Seed Oil

Autumn is here and with it my love of rose hip seed oil.  Fall is full of rich colors and air that is charged with change.  It also comes with drier skin as we adjust to the changes in temps and moisture.

Which leads my mind to rose hips and rose hip seed oil. The rose hips are are in all their glory in autumn. They are turning a brilliant red and coming into their own sort of sweetness as the cooling temps cause them to ripen up.

Rose hips are nothing short of an amazing fruit that can be used in a variety of ways;







And Organic Skin Care!!!

Rose hips contain;

Carotenoids beta-carotene




Vitamin C

Being one of the richest plant sources of Vitamin C this is a favorite to use in formulas for green beauty skin care recipes. The oil pressed from the seeds of rose hips makes a healing oil with antioxidant, anti inflammatory, and anti-aging properties. It is highly moisturizing and an excellent oil on its own or in formula with other powerhouse oils. It is also an oil that is beneficial to all skin types.

Rose hip seed oil is an oil that has been turned to for centuries for its green beauty properties.  With its high vitamin C content rose hip seed oil is food for your skin and your skin will thank you.

Rose Hip Seed Oil Serum Recipe

2oz Rose Hip Seed Oil

5 drops Lavender Essential Oil

2 drops Chamomile Essential Oil

2 drops Carrot Seed Oil

Anti-aging, restorative, hydrating, and calming.

Combine all ingredients in a 2oz amber serum pump bottle. Use at night after cleansing and using a toner. Leave a small amount of moisture on your face and gently massage a pea sized squirt of serum over your face. The serum will help lock in the moisture from the water and nurture your face with the vitamins from the Rose Hip Seed Oil over night.

Enjoy and please leave comments about the recipes that you love!


Luscious Lemon Lip Scrub

This Luscious Lemon Lip Scrub brings your lips back to their soft moist natural state when they have become dry and flaky after.

When you lips have become chapped to the point where they have little flakes of skin peeling off them it doesn’t matter how much lip balm you put on, you will still be dealing with those chapped little annoying flakes of dead skin.

This scrub gently takes off the dead skin and the flaky skin so that when you do apply your balm it can protect and moisturize your lips, instead of just sitting on top of already dead skin that needs exfoliated.

This lip scrub recipe also smells incredible. You could also add your own scent, as long as the essential oil is one that can be used safely internally, just incase some accidentally gets in your mouth.

Luscios Lemon Lip Scrub

1 part Sugar

1 part sunflower oil

1 part honey

A drop or two of Lemon Essential Oil

1. Mix all ingredients together and store in sealable jar or container.

That’s it.

Direction for use;

Simply rub onto your lips. I like to let it set there for a minute and then massage it around my lips. Follow with a rinse and some lip balm.

A lip scrub is a nice thing to have around during the dry summer months or the winter when cold followed by indoor heat confuse our lips.

It’s also great to have on hand when you know you will be spending a lot of time outside doing extreme activities like climbing in the sun or stand up paddle board at the sunny beach.

Wild women love to play. And they love to nurture themselves.


Beauty Products Can Be High End and Luxurious Without the Cost and Without the Chemicals


Hey Wild Women, take your power (and your money) back!!

Those high end fancy beauty products can be high end and luxurious without the cost and without the chemicals.

So what is the billion dollar beauty business all about?

Why do women love their beauty products so much?

We as a society of women should not buy into the media that lulls us into a belief of  unattainable perfection or presents to us only a narrow range of sizes. I do not believe we should fall under the spell of the pied piper advertisements convincing us to buy overpriced chemical laden products that promise flawless skin. Nor do I think that aging should be something with the word anti in front of it.

So why do we fall for it?

Is there some kind of internal insecurity in women that gets played upon so that we spend our money on these products. We are sold an idea of how we should look to be successful, accepted, happy and then we are sold products to help us be that image that was presented to us in the first place.

But why do we do this? Why do we buy into the idea that we need to be like the image that they are offering to us and use their products to attain that image? Are we insecure by nature?

No. Women are not by nature insecure. What has happened is the beauty industry (and society, and a whole lot of other stuff) has taken something that is a natural inclination for women and turned it on its head. They have used our natural inclination against us.

What is this natural inclination?

It’s the inclination for adornment, for honoring something sacred through the act of beautification.

There always has been, especially among women, but really among all people of all cultures , the love of self decorating or self adornment. It is a natural inclination. Even children do it when they cover their faces in mud and put flowers in their hair.

The Arapaho Indians of Colorado tattooed themselves with yucca plants and ashes. Certain African tribes elongate their necks. People pierce themselves. At its core these sorts of decorations are often celebrations, rites of passage, and ritualistic in their own right.

A woman’s beauty routine is much the same way.

On a primal level she is honoring that part of herself that is a goddess. She is laying flowers at the feet of the divine feminine when she cleanses her skin at night. When she applies her cream in the morning, it is like anointing a sacred one. Same goes for the makeup.

The beauty routine is often called a beauty ritual, taking the time to honor your skin, your body, your vessel. Taking the time to see through the lens of your face what is your body is needing. More moisture? A lighter diet? Less sun? Excercise? Rest?

That does mean that we want to use products that are full of  toxic chemicals.

This love of nurturing and beauty does not mean that we are willing to buy these chemical laden products in an attempt to look like these photoshopped idols that we have been given as a beauty standard.

We are natural women, we are free women, we are wild women and we are smart women that understand that what we put on our skin needs to be natural, simple, clean, and green.

So we are saying no to the crap in our beauty products. We also saying no to paying high prices for ingredients that are hazardous or  potentially hazardous to our health.

What is the answer?

The answer is we can either make our own products that are just as effective with herbs, organic oils, natural emulsifiers, essential oils, herbal extracts, and food based preservatives. These are clean, better for us, better for the environment, do not cost a lot, and can be tailored to individual needs.

We can also find a green beauty product line that make amazing products that do not contain the toxic chemicals and preservatives. With these do your research, there are some amaziing lines of green skincare products, but some brands may say natural and they really are not. On a label the word natural can mean anything, you really need to read the ingredient list.

Neither one of these options have to be expensive. You can get effective, luxurious green beauty products that are reasonably priced and do not contain the chemicals. Take your power back and nurture your skin without the chemicals and without the cost of high end beauty products.

Join us on our path as we find the things that support our wild women ways!


Feet on the Earth, Eyes on the Sky


It’s been a long day. All I want is to be outside. Finally that moment has arrived.


I stand outside and stare at the sky. It seems to stare back at me. I wonder what it sees. I look down upon myself through the eyes of the stars and I see I am dripping with goo and buzzing with electricity.


I see my feet on the ground, almost touching the dirt under the grass, but not quite. I see through the eyes of the stars that my stress is unraveling at the seams.


It begins to roll off my shoulders, and down my low back. It seems to fall in streams off my bum, and drips down the insides of my thighs, finding its way into the earth, where it will be turned into dirt. Multi-colored stress dripping off of me, mucky browns, with pink streaks, gross green with puddles of grey.


Stress from that old man that guffawed at my,….my music being too loud? Or maybe he wasn’t even guffawing at me at all.  The that lady that huffed at me because my kids and I were horseplaying in the store getting in her way (that was definitely at me). Stress from running trying to catch up with the clock, so I’m not late for the third time this day.


It all drips off me in an icky sticky black grey brown mustard yellow strange pink goo, like in kindergarten when you mix all the paint colors together.


And the stars see the highs from the day too, the good stuff of life sparking around me, yet still keeping me from feeling my calm.


Sparks from the excited woman telling me how she loved the body butter I made for her. And the garbage man who talked about how great my dog Coconut is. And sparks from my friends whom I loved so hard this day I thought I would burst. All exploding around me like my own private 4th of July show.


These highs crackle around me, a little electric field pulsing through my mind, my blood is charged, my bones are ringing, and my mind is spinning. My whole being is swirling around my center trying to catch hold, trying to find terra firma.


And the stars see my feet sink deeper.


Deeper and deeper and the humming slows down. Like a tuning fork my body falls into the slow rhythm of the earth, the earth that I am falling ever deeper in love with. My electric sparks aren’t spinning in orbit around me anymore, the earth has smoothed the static.


And still the stars see my feet sink deeper.


Deeper beyond the damp grass, into the dark warm soil beneath. Things move under my feet, slimy things, dirty things, and they are a thousand times cleaner than the goo dripping off me from my day. And bugs buzz around me sporadic in their flight pattern, yet a thousand times calmer than the sparks that were flying around me. My bones are humming slow, my heart is beating steady, my mind is calm, and my spirit has found terra firma.


And the stars see my feet cradled into the soil, they see my spirit is stretched out and my edges are smooth, and that my heart lies open touching both earth and sky.


I am feeling my calm, feet on the earth, eyes on the sky.

7 Things Wild Women Are


Wild Women

  1. Natural. Wild women crave the outdoors some like some people crave french fries. The wild calls to her. It is her church, her therapist, and her friend. In fact wild women think everything is better outside from picnics to weddings to funerals to parties to yoga. Its all better done outside.

  2. Free. Wild women are free creatures. For example after a long day she will walk in the door strip off her jeans and whip off her bra in one swift motion, because no longer can she feel bound up in constrictive clothing. Shoes may go flying as well.

  3. Intuitive. Intuition is a driving force for the wild woman. She does not do things because she thinks she is supposed to do them, the wild woman does them because it feels right, even if the logical reasoning is not there to back up the intuitive feeling. And sometimes this can create waves, but she follows it anyway. Better grab a life vest.

  4. Willful. Yes wild women often have willful intuition, she feels no need to justify following her intuition. Against all logic, against puzzled stares, and wondering questions, she will still listen to her intuition. And when she don’t follow that inner knowing, she feels down right sick about it, literally physically ill, which of course drives her to follow her intuition. Because who wants to feel sick?

  5. Creative. Wild women are like a geysers of creative forces. They are tapped in, inspired and fueled by it. Without it she withers like a flower deprived of water. If her creative forces are not expressed they turn inside her against their container and slowly wear away at the edges until they find a way out.

  6. Lioness. Yes the wild woman practices kindness and compassion, but she is not afraid to be a lioness. She will rock the boat and stomp her feet, and you will hear her roar, she will speak her mind and protect what she loves. If you fall under the umbrella of what the wild woman is passionate about then you have a lioness in your corner watching your back. Who doesn’t want a lioness watching their back?

  7. Present. The wild woman understands the power of women being present in circles. Her soul craves the depth and support of being with other women. It is serious business, it is monkey play, it is deep deep talks, and it might just be hanging out in yoga pants drinking wine, but the importance of being with other women is crystal clear and of high priority to the wild woman.