Barefoot Beauty


Ask any hippie and they will surely tell you that going barefoot keeps you more in touch with the earth, but the benefits go way deeper than you might think.

The earth has what is called a Global Electron Circuit. This is a fancy way of saying she has an energetic field or an aura. It is this field that is leading scientists to conclusions that the walking, standing, or spending time barefoot on the earth reduces inflammation, helps with hormones, and helps with the circadian rhythms that govern sleep. In other words those hippies were right.

The Earth and her Global Atmospheric Electron Circuit can reduce inflammation, but only if you go barefoot.
The earth’s surface has an ever renewing supplying of free electrons, due to a global atmospheric electron circuit.  When you wear shoes with insulating soles, (rubber soled shoes) you are cut off from the absorption of these electrons. But when you go barefoot your own electrical system absorbs them.

When we wear shoes constantly we are like a batteries that are cut off from our supply. Our circuits are no longer connected. The result is that we are no longer absorbing those free electrons that are mobilized in the earth’s surface. The absorption of these electrons has the effect of reducing inflammation. The  inflammatory response carries a positive charge which is neutralized and decreased by the absorption of the negatively charged electrons.

The benefits of absorbing the Earth’s electrons

~Decreases inflammation and therefore helps balance the diseases caused by inflammation (acid reflux, acne, celiac disease, Chrohn’s disease, chronic pain, cancer, arthritis, and allergies to name a few)

~Sleep patterns

~In today’s modern world sound sleep is a problem for a lot of people. It is thought that the earth’s diurnal electrical rhythms regulate the biological clocks for the hormones that in turn trigger activity and sleep.

~Protection from unwanted energy (like cell phone waves)

I am sure touching the Earth with bare feet affects our health in an emotional way that is not yet understood by science. Your feet need to feel the aliveness of the Earth. Someday science will tell us that there is a vitamin or hormone that regulates happiness that is increased when we play on the Earth barefoot. Or a hormone that is released that decreases level of aggression. Or some other beneficial hormonal regulatory cycle that occurs.

All of these benefits of spending time barefoot on the earth lead to greater health, sleep, and inner peace. And as the saying goes inner peace leads to outer beauty.



Natural Insect Repellent

Its summer. Time for picnics, hikes, camping,swimming, and bugs. Time to whip out the insect repellent. Bug spray is one of the simplest things you can make, and a great way to eliminate one more source of unnecessary chemicals your life

Why make your own?

Natural insect repellent is easy to make.
You can tailor it to your own needs (think pets, children, aversions to certain smells).
It is natural and effective.

Citronella, yes or no?

When people think of bug spray they often think of Citronella. Memories of childhood waxy candles with an overpowering perfume are brought to mind. But research says Citronella is not actually that effective and can in fact be irritating for many skin types. However Citronella is derived from Lemongrass, which is considered to be an effective bug repellent.

My true love of insect repellent essential oils is hands down Eucalyptus combined with Lemongrass. Another essential oil that occupies a special spot in my heart for skin care purposes is Geranium which turns out is effective in repelling ticks.

Insect Repelling Essential Oils

Eucalyptus the essential oil known for sinus trouble and it’s menthol scent is a great ingredient for bug spray.

Lemongrass is known to repel ticks and mosquitos. It is also the plant from which citronella is derived.

Lavender essential, good for some many things, also makes the list for a great bug spray ingredient. (Is there nothing lavender cannot do?)

Geranium Essential Oil is another great essential for bug spray recipes. Research has suggested that it works in repelling ticks, fleas, and other flying insects. It has a strong floral scent and a little bit goes a long way. It blends well with Cedarwood.

Cedarwood Essential Oil along with pine is an earthy woodsy essential oil that also has a knack for repelling those biting bugs. It blends really well with Lavender and Geranium. This one is great for the undertone and contrast it gives to the floral scents. And of course because it works!

Peppermint Essential Oil and Spearmint Essential Oil are both great for repelling the creepers and crawlers. It is recommended that peppermint not be used on children under 2 years of age, but spearmint is fine.

Tea Tree Essential Oil is also a great bug repellent, I always include it any recipe I use. I feel like together with Eucalyptus they have a synergistic effect that makes a pretty powerful combination.

Bug Spray Recipe

This is the recipe I use, it is an all purpose bug spray. Meaning its has essential oils that repel fleas, ticks, lice, and mosquitos.

These were the oils that I felt intuitively needed to be blended together, they go well together, and compliment each other’s strengths. I suggest you do the same when formulating, get quiet inside and feel out which essential oils are the ones for you to use, which ones are stepping forward and offering their medicine.

Remember you are making magic!

Natural Insect Repellent Essential Oil Recipe


10 drop Eucalyptus
10 drops Lemongrass
5 drop Geranium
5 drops Tea Tree
4oz Witch Hazel

Combine in a 4oz spray bottle.
Shake before use. Spray on skin or clothing, and avoid contact with eyes.
And label your bottle!! Label it with the ingredients and the date.

Word to the wise;
Make sure to test a patch of skin for sensitivities or allergies before applying.
Applying to clothing only if you are sensitive.
Consult a doctor before using if you are pregnant before using any bug repellent, natural or not.

Have suggestions on a recipe that you have used or other essential oils that you have found to be effective, please share your knowledge!!

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Natural Beauty Products??

What does Natural mean?

To me and you it means things that are unadulterated. Things that are wild and free. It may conjure up images of forests and fields where the mark of man is missing. It means foods that have not been altered. It means (to you and me) things that are as close to the source as possible without having harmed the environment or its inhabitants to acquire it.

But legally that is not what it has to mean.

Unfortunately is doesn’t really mean anything as far as regulations and labels go.

What natural means on a label;
Whatever the manufacturer wants it to mean

This is an important point. The beauty industry is not heavily regulated. Which is crazy because 60% of what you put on your skin gets absorbed into your body. Essentially your skin drinks and eats what you put on it.

Two things are going on.

People, women especially, are turning more towards sustainable and natural products when it comes to body care and cosmetics.
The manufacturers know this.
The manufacturers also know when people think “natural” they think of all those things we just listed above and they also know there is no definition for natural.

The result is you have companies that truly are answering the call, and creating wonderful safe, eco friendly, sustainably harvested, products that contain natural ingredients.

The other result is companies that are merely giving the impression of being natural, eco-friendly, and sustainably harvested. This is commonly known as green washing. I know, I myself have fallen for it.

It happens so quick.

The eyes process images a great deal faster than words. So there you are in the store, in a hurry, and you grab the new product with the brown packaging and cute green leaves on it. Only later to find out it’s got MSG in it.

Skincare advertising is the exact same way.

We have to be detectives. We have to make choices that speak to what we are willing to spend our money on.

We have to be nature warriors.

We have to be wild women foraging through the fields of green beauty.

While what you and I think means natural is truly natural, there is no law or standard deeming what makes a product natural. The label can say natural and still contain questionable or known to be hazardous ingredients.

With the desire for green and clean beauty we need clarification on what is actually green. Where do we draw the line with the ingredients? Every product out there can be called natural because natural has no definition as far as labeling goes. Sometimes we may not even find an ingredient label on a beauty product and if we do we may not be able to recognize the ingredients.

It can be confusing trying to figure out what is actually a toxic chemical and what is an isolated plant compound in chemical form and of those which ones are safe, which ones are questionable, and which ones are toxic. And that is part of the problem, everything on this planet originated from a natural source, so technically it is all “natural”.

Thus it can be even more confusing. Just because it originated from a plant does not mean its safe or healing. Cocaine came from a plant, and yes it is a stimulant, but does that mean it is safe in place of coffee? Of course not.

What natural means to me and you;
Safe (as in not potentially harmful with short or long term use)
Close to the source
Was grown organically
Was grown in general (meaning not manufactured by a man in lab coat)
Was harvested sustainably
No one was harmed in the making (think animal testing/slave labor)

What can we do?

We have to do our homework and question ingredients (read labels!)
We can make our own products
We can look to other green beauty products that truly are green as green can be
We can decide for ourselves where we draw the line on ingredients
We can support organizations like EWG and look to them for safety information and regulation updates

We know there are products out there that are claiming to be natural and are not and these are giving a bad rap to the products that claim to be natural and are. For the health of yourself and the planet find a green beauty company selling earth friendly safe chemical free products or make them yourself.

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Wild SkinCare Ingredients

The Wild Ingredients

The ingredients that we use in our herbal products and skincare recipes are so much than just products themselves. They were at one time individual living plants lives in a field or forest. Breathing, eating, reproducing. Amazing plants that have the superpower of turning sunshine into sugar. Pretty sweet.

I call them wild ingredients because they had lives rich with existence spending their days with the wind and the rain. They grew for the sake of growing, of breathing and stretching for the sky. They grew in their own way, bound to none, they were wild and free. Even the plants on a farm. Most of them spent their days under the sun, their nights under the stars, and their lives full of a freedom that many of us long for.

Take Jojoba oil for example.


The jojoba shrub is native the southwest deserts of the United States. It grows under the searing sun with a heat that drives most other life away. In the quiet of the desert it thrives soaking in the heat, witness to few other lifeforms while it silently produces one of the most healing oils (a wax really) available. I like to remember this when I am soothing my child’s chapped cheeks, that this stoic shrub survived in the burning desert under a scorching sun while making an oil that is now soothing the burn on his cheeks. Amazing.

The plants and oils that we use are more than just isolated ingredients on a list.

The herbs and plants we use were once living and breathing. The rain fell on their leaves and their flowers blossomed in the sun. They were home to small little lady bugs and great big soaring eagles. They had lives out in the forest and field, and some of that life was stored in the very molecules and cells that made up the plant, that you are now absorbing into your skin when you use them in your recipes.

They were living breathing entities that made oxygen for you to breathe and now once again they offer up their medicine to you as they are absorbed into your skin ultimately becoming a part of your own being.

It keeps you grateful to remember where your ingredients came from to be sure. It also deepens your connection with them, remembering that they were living, breathing plants, that gave life for your benefit. It opens the door to understanding their properties on an intuitive level.

Know your plants like you know friends.

Vanilla Infused Oil

Vanilla infused oil is perfect for a lot of things, it can be used skincare recipes like lotions, body butters, body oils, or in food recipes, but it also makes a wonderful homemade massage perfect for Valentine Days or other special moments.

You will need:

1 Vanilla Bean
1/2 cup of Vegetable Oil (non scented like almond or sunflower)



1. Slice your vanilla bean open and scoop out the vanilla paste, place in crock pot. Chop up the rest of the vanilla bean and place it too in the crock pot.

2. Pour your oil over this.

3. Turn the crock pot to the lowest setting and infuse for 2-3 hours.

4. Strain your oil through cheesecloth and bottle it up. You may have little brown specks of vanilla in your oil and that is fine.


Tip: Don’t let your oil get too hot. Not all crock pots are the same, so check on yours too make the oil is not too hot. You will know it is too hot if it is bubbling.

If you don not use your vanilla infused oil right away store in the fridge, like all oils shelf life will vary.

Vanilla has been used through out the ages to inspire feelings of wealth and sensuality. It is an exotic aroma that has been used in aphrodisiac formulas as it tends to awaken the senses with its deeply rich aroma. Now you have your very own homemade exotic vanilla infused oil. Enjoy!

Be well!

Rose Hip Seed Oil

Autumn is here and with it my love of rose hip seed oil.  Fall is full of rich colors and air that is charged with change.  It also comes with drier skin as we adjust to the changes in temps and moisture.

Which leads my mind to rose hips and rose hip seed oil. The rose hips are are in all their glory in autumn. They are turning a brilliant red and coming into their own sort of sweetness as the cooling temps cause them to ripen up.

Rose hips are nothing short of an amazing fruit that can be used in a variety of ways;







And Organic Skin Care!!!

Rose hips contain;

Carotenoids beta-carotene




Vitamin C

Being one of the richest plant sources of Vitamin C this is a favorite to use in formulas for green beauty skin care recipes. The oil pressed from the seeds of rose hips makes a healing oil with antioxidant, anti inflammatory, and anti-aging properties. It is highly moisturizing and an excellent oil on its own or in formula with other powerhouse oils. It is also an oil that is beneficial to all skin types.

Rose hip seed oil is an oil that has been turned to for centuries for its green beauty properties.  With its high vitamin C content rose hip seed oil is food for your skin and your skin will thank you.

Rose Hip Seed Oil Serum Recipe

2oz Rose Hip Seed Oil

5 drops Lavender Essential Oil

2 drops Chamomile Essential Oil

2 drops Carrot Seed Oil

Anti-aging, restorative, hydrating, and calming.

Combine all ingredients in a 2oz amber serum pump bottle. Use at night after cleansing and using a toner. Leave a small amount of moisture on your face and gently massage a pea sized squirt of serum over your face. The serum will help lock in the moisture from the water and nurture your face with the vitamins from the Rose Hip Seed Oil over night.

Enjoy and please leave comments about the recipes that you love!


When I Tell You I am Sensitive

This is one woman’s take on what it is like to be empathic. I am sure others will have different opinions, this is just mine.

When I tell you I am sensitive (or empathic) I do not mean I cannot handle your snarky comments or sarcastic humor or off color comments or your cussing. I don’t mean that you will offend me or that my feelings will be hurt. I don’t mean that I am fragile or to be easily broken. In contrast my sensitivity has given me the perspective to not take things personally, because much of what I feel is not others directing stuff at me, it is just stuff; charged electrical emotional stuff.

It is like water that is on fire with the heat of emotion that has to flow somewhere and empaths being the sponges that they are, soak it right up. Or at least I do.

When I say I am sensitive I am mean that my ability to feel things is super heightened, like having sensitive hearing, or eyes that are sensitive to bright light, or skin that burns easily in the sun. Only I haven’t found sunscreen or sunglasses for my “feelers”.

Being sensitive is like having a super sense, one that is really really hard to shut off.

I can feel the soul of the world in my  bones, and sometimes it hurts, sometimes it aches, sometimes its beautiful, so beautiful it hurts. I feel the grand potential of everyone I meet and I feel the craters of your pain, the emptiness of your perceived loneliness, I feel how ugly you think you are, how sad, how worried, how frazzled. I feel the good too. I feel your coffee buzz, your excitement, your extreme happiness, your hope, your anticipation of jobs and dreams yet to come, I feel you in your power, I feel you feeling beautiful.

And it’s exhausting. And it’s not your fault. And I wouldn’t change it.

It can be downright crushing to have to feel so damn much. I feel all my own shit, the stuff that I cannot shake in a day, whatever worry is trying to take root in my mind or whatever excitement I am currently obsessing over. And I also feel all yours.

Without you having to say a word I will feel in my body as a very real sensation or emotion the emotions that are at the forefront of your being and any stronger ones laying under the surface.

Some empaths will say, “I take all your stuff, I absorb it, I take it on, I take it and feel it”. But I can’t say I take it because that would mean I am volunteering to receive something.

I can’t seem to stop it. It’s like trying not to breathe. Sometimes when I am around others my brain even seems to stop working, I am asked questions that I cannot answer because my circuits are being blown by a torrent of emotion coming from outside of me. It can be downright overwhelming.

But I wouldn’t trade it. I don’t think any empath would.

Its a wonder to be able to feel another’s person’s soul so closely, so vividly. Its a gift to be able to know another’s pains and joys. Its a comfort to be able to feel the emotion lying under the words and act accordingly.

But when we retreat, and we often do, its because one human nervous system can only receive, handle, process, and release so many electrical impulses, so many emotions, whether they are “good” or “bad” in one day.

So if you know or love an empath, let them have their have their space, in fact encourage them to take it, and don’t resent for them taking it, because they will feel that too. One of the best things an empath can do is find the people that can give her what she needs, which can be space, or the ability to bow out of plans, or to be in touch when she is ready to hang again.

For example on Monday you make plans with me for Friday night, but I never know if by Friday night the rest of the week will have been way too much, by Friday I may be at maximum feeling capacity, I may need to bail, and having people that understand this means the world to me. Like the WORLD.

So when I say I am sensitive I am really saying: When I hang out with you I am going to feel all the nuances, ups, downs, highs, and lows of your being and mine at this moment and at some point I will have to go wring out my empathic sponge of a self.

And that’s ok. I wouldn’t change being able to feel so much, but I will retreat into a place that is easy to be, like my bedroom or nature. A place where I do not have to be a radar dish for everything else in the world.

It took me so long to realize this. I wanted to pass it on in case you are an empath or know one.


Plant Spirit Allies

Plant Spirit

All medicinal plants have physical herbal properties but they also have plant spirit qualities, all plants whether herbs or not have plant spirits. Plant spirit is the essence that the plant carries with it, it is the medicine that the plant offers to us in terms of emotional, mental, and spiritual health. Think of it somewhat like a plant’s personality.

It is the plant’s spirit medicine that gives gardens their charm and cut flowers their appeal. Ever wonder why we bring the sick, or the suffering, or a lover, or a friend in need flowers? It is the plant’s spirit that brings the medicine of the flowers to the human spirit. Often we don’t even consider the healing the flower is offering to our human friend.  If we listened we would hear or feel what is being offered.

Plants are alive. Meditate on that for a moment. ALIVE.

They sense things and they know things. And if you approach them in the right way you can hear what they have to say, what they know, the mysteries and knowledge that they hold in their roots and leaves. They will tell you their secrets and help you on the path of life if you have the heart to listen. Think of all the wisdom they must contain, eons of time sitting under the stars in communion with the trees and mountains around them. They are alive with consciousness.

The spirit of the plant is what vibrational medicine therapies like flower essences and homeopathy are based on, but plant spirit medicine itself is ancient, plant whisperers have roamed the earth since the dawn of time. These are people that can hear the medicine of the plant and know how it is offering itself to help.

Plant spirits are the thing that causes a rose to make you feel differently than a sunflower, and a sunflower differently than a daisy.

On the path of our healing evolution we have been moving towards these subtle forms of therapy as we become more highly attuned to the subtler energies around us and more capable of recognizing and using them. This is the ability to use energy for healing, energy such as Reiki, color therapy, sound therapy, and crystal healings.

Vibrational plant therapy is part of this. The plants can be called upon for their vibrational essence in many situations with out actually having to have the plant itself present. We can call the spirit of the plant, like we would call on a friend or an angel, and ask for its healing, protection, guidance, for its spirit medicine for any situation we find ourselves in.

There is a whole a green planet of spirit allies waiting to assist you, if you settle your mind, open your heart, and listen to wisdom of the plants.

More on intuitive plant communication coming soon! Until then you can always read A Wild Women’s Guide to Intuition, which is free when you subscribe to WildWomenWays (don’t worry I won’t burden you with a ton of emails!)


My Path from Herbs to Green Beauty

I have always been some what of wild woman, in the sense that I love being in nature, getting dirty in the garden, I feel better when I am barefoot, and dancing free comes easily for me but finding my way to green beauty was a bit more elusive. I have had to come around to the idea of honoring that part of my wild woman that has to do with beauty and nurturing.

It was a combination of things that kept me from honoring my own beauty. Partly I think I did not feel beautiful. Partly I felt like physical adornment was an ego trap. Really the ego trap was me feeling like I was too holy spiritual to get caught in something like caring for this transient physical body. I was still acting out of my ego until I saw the irony it my ways and then I began to care and honor this vessel even though I knew it would one day be gone.

But still I resisted much of the modern day beauty world, because I knew they were chock full of chemicals and toxins.

I did not really want to be part of the green beauty movement until I worked in holistic spa as a massage therapist.

In the spa I met these wonderful naturally oriented estheticians. They were earthy and natural and beautiful. And women would come to see them for this essence of beauty that they carried with them, and these women would leave glowing. It was here for the first time that I was bitten by the natural green beauty bug, which lead me to getting my eyelashes tinted with a natural dye, and I felt glorious. It was in that glory that everything shifted.

I understood that to adorn my body, my face, my skin, did not mean I was hiding from the world or pretending to be something I was not. In a sense it meant the opposite. It meant that I was ready to be seen. It meant I was grateful for this physical body, and that I was putting that appreciation into action by nurturing my skin and adding to its natural beauty with clean and natural beauty products.

I was honoring myself and my beauty, in my own natural way…..

This is probably something a lot women figure out early on but I needed to understand the spiritual foundation behind it first.  I also needed to find some beauty products that I felt comfortable using, something that was alive, something that was like food for the skin, not chemicals for the skin.

Herbs!! Plants!! Botanicals!!

I had been trained as an herbalist and had been using herbs for healing and this rich world of herbs is the foundation of green beauty. I fell in love with plant science all over again. I saw herbs and botanicals in a whole new way. They could be used for beauty, for healing the skin, for nurturing the skin with vitamins, minerals, and herbal properties.

I had fallen in love with plant science all over again.

And this is the journey of ancient herbal wisdom blended with plant science by women who are connected and in tune or intuitive.


Summer Solstice Sunshine Meditation

Summer Solstice Sunshine Meditation


The summer solstice is a magical moment, one that has been well observed by many cultures throughout time and it is the best time for a summer solstice sunshine meditation.

The summer solstice brings warmth and sunshine and an outward expression of spirit. It is the warmth of summer that helps us through the dark of winter. Now during the time around the summer solstice is time to is the time to gather and strengthen your Light.

Winter definitely serves its purpose, but it is much easier to move into the silence of winter with sincere appreciation when we come from a place that is full of light. And in our modern world today working inside as much as we do, we need to make a point of being outside and gathering light.

In Ayruvedic medicine the yogis believe that the hue of golden light is the most nourishing and strengthening. They sit at sunrise at and drink in the gentle golden hue.

The ancient Atlanteans believed that absorbing the hues of the sunset imparted the healing vibrations of that color directly into our systems. (Colors that are alive and vibrant and are born of that golden hue that the yogi’s love.)

Modern science states that we need to directly absorb the sun’s rays for about 10min a day for optimal health. From Vit D production to keeping our spirits high.

People use lights to help them get through SAD (seasonal affective disorder).

You can store up all that warm summer sun and save it for later, with simple recognition of its force and a meditation to help seal the deal.


Summer Solstice Sunshine Meditation

This meditation serves the purpose of literally storing up the sun’s rays for the upcoming winter. It can be done all summer, but at the height of the summer solstice the energy is the strongest.

(take care and watch the time, don’t get a sunburn, doing it later in the day helps with this!)

Find a quiet place where you can lay outside for 5-10min with out being disturbed, preferably directly on the earth.

Lay down, place your feet (your barefeet) directly on the earth (your knees will be up).

Say your thanks to the sun, ask that the being of the sun impart its life force directly into your system. Ask your angels and Archangel Ariel to help you with this.

Lift your shirt up so that your belly, (your solar plexus chakra) is exposed to the sun. You are going to absorb the sun directly into your third chakra where it will be stored for winter, think of this chakra as your own personal little sun, your place of will and warmth. It is your power chakra, intensely yellow, and expresses your divine power.

Lay and meditate. Feeling the sun enter your being, filling you up with energy and warmth. And know that you are storing this for the winter, a time when you will need to call upon that internal warmth and brightness.



This meditation can be done several times during the summer, giving you ample storage of light.

Happy Summer! (And winter, but we don’t have to talk about that yet.)