Intuition and Beauty

What do intuition and green beauty have to do with each other?

Intuition and beauty walk in hand in hand for the woman expressing her divine feminine essence. When we are following our intuition we feel better, and everyone knows when you feel good you look good.

Following this common wise woman sense of feeling good means looking good, and we feel good when we follow the guidance that leads us there then we begin to see deeper into a mystery that is woven by a feminine force that lies within us all (both man and woman).

It is the hand of a divine feminine energy guiding us in our daily lives leading us towards greater joy and beauty, and she speaks in the language of intuition and leads us to our truest expression of ourselves.

How does this translate to beauty?

When we are in our truest expression of ourselves, we are in our truth and there nothing more beautiful than being in your truth. Using our intuition leads to this.

We can use our intuition to make choices that make us feel supported, grounded, and nurtured. We can make choices that help us to regenerate and rejuvenate. Sometimes these choices mark huge changes in our lives which brings us closer to our source and other times the choices may be small changes, but these too lead us closer to ourselves, our truth, our source.

The foundation of knowing, of our intuition is a connection to the divine feminine for it is the feminine force that speaks in an intuitive and receptive language. Our intuition often speaks to us in a way that has no words, it is a feeling, a knowing that comes from within.  Learning to recognize this and to feel this on an empathic level is a big key to being able to then use your intuition.

Intuition is like a river running between the divine feminine and ourselves, whose channel becomes more clear and defined as more water flows through it.

The more you recognize your intuition and follow it the easier it becomes to recognize it and follow it. Like any muscle or habit it grows stronger with use.

As we follow these whispers of intuition we become ever more free in ourselves, okay with what comes and what we may be feeling. We learn to embrace what is and is not. We makes choices that support our wellbeing and the wellbeing of those around us.

All of this brings us closer to our truth (our authenticity) and this is when our beauty really shines.

Learn more about following your intuition.

In my next article I will talk about how intuition can be used in plant spirit medicine when choosing plants for formulating beauty recipes or picking herbs for the garden.

Until then, be well!



Barefoot Beauty


Ask any hippie and they will surely tell you that going barefoot keeps you more in touch with the earth, but the benefits go way deeper than you might think.

The earth has what is called a Global Electron Circuit. This is a fancy way of saying she has an energetic field or an aura. It is this field that is leading scientists to conclusions that the walking, standing, or spending time barefoot on the earth reduces inflammation, helps with hormones, and helps with the circadian rhythms that govern sleep. In other words those hippies were right.

The Earth and her Global Atmospheric Electron Circuit can reduce inflammation, but only if you go barefoot.
The earth’s surface has an ever renewing supplying of free electrons, due to a global atmospheric electron circuit.  When you wear shoes with insulating soles, (rubber soled shoes) you are cut off from the absorption of these electrons. But when you go barefoot your own electrical system absorbs them.

When we wear shoes constantly we are like a batteries that are cut off from our supply. Our circuits are no longer connected. The result is that we are no longer absorbing those free electrons that are mobilized in the earth’s surface. The absorption of these electrons has the effect of reducing inflammation. The  inflammatory response carries a positive charge which is neutralized and decreased by the absorption of the negatively charged electrons.

The benefits of absorbing the Earth’s electrons

~Decreases inflammation and therefore helps balance the diseases caused by inflammation (acid reflux, acne, celiac disease, Chrohn’s disease, chronic pain, cancer, arthritis, and allergies to name a few)

~Sleep patterns

~In today’s modern world sound sleep is a problem for a lot of people. It is thought that the earth’s diurnal electrical rhythms regulate the biological clocks for the hormones that in turn trigger activity and sleep.

~Protection from unwanted energy (like cell phone waves)

I am sure touching the Earth with bare feet affects our health in an emotional way that is not yet understood by science. Your feet need to feel the aliveness of the Earth. Someday science will tell us that there is a vitamin or hormone that regulates happiness that is increased when we play on the Earth barefoot. Or a hormone that is released that decreases level of aggression. Or some other beneficial hormonal regulatory cycle that occurs.

All of these benefits of spending time barefoot on the earth lead to greater health, sleep, and inner peace. And as the saying goes inner peace leads to outer beauty.



Calendula Soothing Mask

Don’t be fooled this calendula soothing mask is simple but it is so soothing, cooling, and softening to the skin. Perfect for sensitive skin or skin that is needing a soothing touch after wind, sun, or harsh conditions, like a lot of nose blowing or airplane travel.


Calendula Mask Recipe

1 tbs of dried Calendula flowers

1tbs of whole oats

Water to mix


This mix makes enough for several masks. Store what you are not using in a glass jar with a tight fitting lid.


1.Grind the calendula and oats together into a fine powder. A coffee grinder (that is dedicated to herbs and not used for coffee) works best for this. Make sure to grind to a very fine powder.


2. Take a tablespoon of your powder and mix in about a tablespoon of water to form a paste. You can add more or less water to reach the consistency you want.


To Use

Masks can be messy. Tie your hair back and spread the paste evenly over your skin. Leave the mask on for 10 to 20 minutes.


While your mask is on, sit back and close your eyes. Take a moment to be in the moment with these herbs that are nurturing and healing your skin.


When you are ready rinse clean and follow with your moisturizer.




Using water as the liquid to mix the paste makes for a very cooling effect on the skin, but if you want you can substitute the water with Avocado Oil for a cooling yet more moisturizing effect.