Argan Hair Oil

Oh, what have I been missing? All these years and I have just started using Argan Oil in my hair. You know those fancy bottles you see of Moroccan Oil, well that is Argan Oil. And you can make your own! You can reap all the benefits Argan oil and avoid the costs of commercial Moroccan Oil and the extra added chemicals that are often found in hair oils.

The recipe below is really simple and open to all sorts of extra essential oils suited to your own needs.

The benefits of Argan Oil are many, and this holds true for hair as well. Deeply nourishing due its high oleic fatty acid content, Argan oil applied to the high gives a protective and a sparkling sheen while at the same time adding moisture your luscious locks.

Wild Ingredients:

3/4oz Argan Oil
1/4oz Hemp Seed Oil (this is optional, you could go 100% Argan Oil)
1/2 teaspoon Glycerin

8drops Lemon Essential Oil
1drop Geranium Essential Oil
2drops Rosemary Essential Oil

Combine all ingredients into a 1oz jar or pump bottle. Use on ends of hair or wherever needed. A little goes a long way!!

Have fun with the essential oils and create a scent just for you. If you do add essential oils then do not use on eyebrows or eyelashes.

And remember to always label and date your creations!!

Have fun and let me know what scent combinations you came up with…

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