Argan Hair Oil

Oh, what have I been missing? All these years and I have just started using Argan Oil in my hair. You know those fancy bottles you see of Moroccan Oil, well that is Argan Oil. And you can make your own! You can reap all the benefits Argan oil and avoid the costs of commercial Moroccan Oil and the extra added chemicals that are often found in hair oils.

The recipe below is really simple and open to all sorts of extra essential oils suited to your own needs.

The benefits of Argan Oil are many, and this holds true for hair as well. Deeply nourishing due its high oleic fatty acid content, Argan oil applied to the high gives a protective and a sparkling sheen while at the same time adding moisture your luscious locks.

Wild Ingredients:

3/4oz Argan Oil
1/4oz Hemp Seed Oil (this is optional, you could go 100% Argan Oil)
1/2 teaspoon Glycerin

8drops Lemon Essential Oil
1drop Geranium Essential Oil
2drops Rosemary Essential Oil

Combine all ingredients into a 1oz jar or pump bottle. Use on ends of hair or wherever needed. A little goes a long way!!

Have fun with the essential oils and create a scent just for you. If you do add essential oils then do not use on eyebrows or eyelashes.

And remember to always label and date your creations!!

Have fun and let me know what scent combinations you came up with…

Massage Bar Recipe

Hello Everybody!

Here I have a massage bar recipe that is similar to my natural lotion bar recipe but glides on a little smoother for massage. If you use lotion bars you are probably a big fan of them. Lotion bars last a long time, they contain no water so they need no preservatives, and they are great for travel, for kids, for the car, or to keep by the kitchen sink. These massage bars are just like a good lotion bar only they are meant for massaging your aches and pains.

Adding the following will give your massage bar more pressure when using it to massage yourself or a loved one.
Coffee Beans
White Beans
Adzuki Beans

The list of essential oil combinations you could add to your massage bar recipe is really long, get creative. You could mix for deep muscle pain from exercise, or for arthritis, or muscle injury, or for muscle tension, or just for relaxation in general. The following is a list of essential oils that you could add to your massage bar for muscle relaxation.

Essential Oils for Muscle Relaxation
Lavender Essential Oil
Cypress Essential Oil
Peppermint Essential Oil
Wintergreen Essential Oil
Rosemary Essential Oil
Ginger Essential Oil
Black Pepper Essential Oil
Marjoram Essential Oil
Lemongrass Essential Oil
Rosemary Essential Oil
Thyme Essential Oil

Natural Massage Bar Recipe
3.5oz Cocoa Butter
1.0oz Shea Butter
0.5oz White Beans
1.2g Essential Oils
0.6g Vitamin E

*You can adjust the ratios of your recipe if you don’t want to make such a large batch. If you do adjust the recipe, change your essential oils to 1.0% of your total recipe and the Vitamin E to 0.5% of your total recipe.

Pre-Set Up;
Clean your work space and clean your pots and pans. If this is your first time you might consider dedicating a pan to handmade lotions and body products. Wash your pans, mold, and measuring cups with hot soapy water. When they are dry wipe them down with rubbing alcohol.

Let your utensils dry completely, overnight is great.

Tip: Greasing your molds with just the littlest bit of oil (like sunflower or coconut oil) helps your lotion bars pop out super easily.

Measure the cocoa butter and shea butter and place in a clean (and dry) double boiler. Measure the Vitamin E, essential oils, and beans and set them aside for later.

Slowly melt. Do not heat your oil beeswax mixture too quickly or too high. You can use a candy thermometer to make sure you do not heat the beeswax above 85 degrees fahrenheit. Above this temp and it discolors.

When everything has melted, remove from the heat. When it has cooled slightly add the Vitamin E and your essential oils. If you add them when your oils are too hot you will not receive the medicinal effect from either the essential oils or the Vitamin E.

Slowly pour into your molds.

Now for the fun part! You can add anything to the above base to make your massage bar just like you want it. After your pour the massage bar oil mix into the mold, sprinkle in your beans of choice.

Set your massage bars aside to cool for 24hours. Then gently pop out of the molds.

And now you have your own natural massage bars to use on family and friends.

The following is where I get most of my ingredients.
(Michael’s Craft store also carries molds for soap making)

Have fun!
And tell me about your essential oil combinations that you try in massage bars!

Coconut Sea Salt Foot Scrub

Sunshine, warmer days, flip fops and coconut sea salt foot scrub.

Here comes spring! Time to do a little spring cleaning on your feet!

When it comes time to slip on the sandals and show off those cute toes we often realize that our feet are in need of a little love.

Feet in general need a little love. We stand on them. We walk on them. They get cold before the rest of us. We cram them into weird shoes. We dance on them. We owe them a thanks for being our foundation. But on top of all that feet do not have any oil glands in them, so keeping them soft and crack free takes a little extra work.

Keeping soft feet requires two essential steps. One is exfoliating off all the dead skin, and the second is moisturizing. Coconut sea salt foot scrub does both at the same time.

This is a simple foot scrub for your feet that you can make at home and keep on hand to keep those feet soft and smooth all summer.

Coconut Sea Salt Foot Scrub

You will need the coarsest sea salt you can find and coconut oil. Granulated sugar works as well, but the sea salt has the added benefit of being detoxifying. Adding essential oils is optional.

½ cup Sea Salt
¼ cup Coconut Oil
2-4 drops Lavender, Peppermint, or Tea Tree Essential Oil (optional)

Combine ingredients in a glass jar with a lid.

To use simply: massage vigorously over feet.

To use like a wild woman who runs hard and then pampers herself:

Exfoliate feet with a pumice stone or foot file.

Soak you feet in a warm oil bath for 20 minutes.

Then massage coconut scrub into feet.

Rinse and pat feet dry.

Then bundle your feet up in a pair of old cotton socks and let all that goodness soak in for at least 20 minutes.

Optional: Put your feet up and enjoy a cup of tea (or wine?).

Or go to sleep.

Or paint some natural nail polish on those pretty toes.