Wild Woman Keeps on Dancing

The wild woman cannot stop dancing

Like the wind in the trees she sings her songs as she moves over the land

She may leave you flustered and frazzled or cool and refreshed

Either way you will not be the same as before she blew across your landscape

We all know this woman

She will not


Be kept

It would be like trying to settle an ocean

An ocean that has been dancing in time with the Queen of the sky

Keeping step with the rivers, swinging on the arms of the clouds

Like a laughing circle of women they have danced over the shore, up the mountain and down the other side to find themselves swirling down towards the sea once again

Where they crash and roll like laughing princess at a ball on the sands of the shore

They will kiss your toes and steal your towel and delight your senses

But the wild woman in the surf and in the soul cannot stop dancing

Put in her in a cage and she will dance her way out

This is the way of wild and free things

This is the way of a wild woman

She lives in everyone one of us, both man and woman

She is life

She is rhythm

She is death and birth in a breath

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