Essential Oil Recipe for Strength & Serenity

Strength & Serenity Essential Oil Roll On
6 drops Lavender
8 drops Frankincense
2 drops Ylang Ylang
1oz Almond, Apricot, or Sunflower Oil

Essential oils are trusted place to turn when times are tough and you need a little lifting up. This blend was intended to help sooth the stress, fear, grief, tension, depression and overall yuck that we can sometimes find ourselves in.

Lavender soothes the tensions we may feel either in our minds and in our bodies. It also helps with stress, irritability, and overall anxiety.

Ylang ylang is an exotic scent that can help with depression and encourage feelings of happiness and peace. Ylang ylang has been known to help release feelings of anger.

Frankincense is a resin and has earned a place of high regard for its many uses. In this blend it is used to address stress, anxiety, depression, fear, loneliness, and grief.

Combined together this blend can help one to find a place of peace and courage when dealing with some of life’s challenges.

Combine your oils in dropper bottle or a roll-on bottle.

To use:
Apply to wrists and behind ears.
Apply to each center point of your chakras.
Apply to bottom of feet (the bottom of your feet contain points for each part of the rest of your body)
Have a friend apply along the length of your spine.

For best results with essential oils, use several times a day.
**Consult a doctor before using essential oils if you are under medical care. Always dilute essential oils before using.

Resources for Essential Oils

There are many places to buy quality essential oils these days. There are big names like Doterra, Young Living, and Mountain Rose which all sell high quality essential oils. Just be sure when you purchase that you are buying 100% pure essential oils that are therapeutic grade.

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~Enjoy and stay wild!