Green Beauty, An Ancient SkinCare Tradition

The Green Beauty Movement

Green beauty has its roots deep in the ancient wisdom of herbal lore and its blossoms in the light of modern day plant science.

This movement in the beauty and skincare industry towards herbs, plants, living foods, and natural ingredients is the movement away from chemicals and towards the green world of plants. And although the “green beauty movement” is fairly new (in the past twenty years or so), green beauty itself is an old practice spanning the centuries of herbalism.

There is ancient wisdom in using the plants that grow in the forests and fields for healing. This wisdom has been used for thousands of years by our ancestors for both health, beauty, and skincare.

Using herbs and plants in the products we put on our skin is more than just healthy and good for the environment. It is a connection with the earth. It is healing our skin as we move through the sun, the wind, the rain, and the snow and is supporting our skin as we live, laugh, and cry. But it also feeds the spirit, the part of us that longs for and knows that we belong to something greater than just ourselves. When we use plants for beautification we are putting ourselves in sync with the earth on which we live and our skin, our largest organ, is drinking up all the life force that went into growing those plants. The result is a greater connection to Nature, to Spirit, to the Universe, to Life.

Using the green world for beauty is something women all over the world do and have done. Our grandmothers did it. Our ancestors before them did it. For generations upon generations wise women and men have been using the living world of plants around them for beauty. There was and is no need for harsh or potentially toxic chemicals and there was no need to call it organic skincare, because it simply was, by nature organic.

Green beauty or organic skincare is a way of living, of using the plants and foods from the earth on which we live for healing and for connection to the earth on which we live. It is choosing not to use chemicals, petrochemicals, gmo’s, artificial fragrances, and ingredients engineered by man. It is also choosing to use ingredients that were harvested sustainably, in fair trade conditions, and using containers that are recyclable or reusable.

It is a return to the old ways of health and beauty, when things were natural and organic by nature.


Beauty & Spirituality

Beauty, true beauty is a spiritual quality. True beauty is a quality that is in alignment with who we are, our truth, and our expression of that truth. When we look at nature we see this. The flowers and the trees radiate a beauty that has inspired poetry and art for eons of time, and they do this with a spirit that is in full expression of who they are. The oak does not spend its days trying to be a spruce tree and the daisy does not wish it was a morning glory. They understand who they are and shine from there.

It is a self confidence and a knowing sense of belonging.

There is an elegance that comes from feeling beautiful. Feeling beautiful comes from a place of self confidence, and self confidence comes from a place of knowing oneself and loving oneself.

There is a connection between the green world of beauty and the health consciousness world and I wanted to expand on that connection. Beauty is being redefined as a spiritual quality. As it should be, because when we are aligned with our happiness we are beautiful, our light shines out from within, and colors everything about us as it does so.

What we Speak

What we Think

What we Eat

What we Do

What we Apply

When these all come from a place of wanting to treat ourselves right then they are all contributing to our beauty practices. Beauty is part of our spiritual foundation. It is another way to look at being a whole, balanced, and healthy person.

But to do this we have move away from an old definition of beauty. The old definition says we have to look like this certain type of model, and we have to weigh within a certain range, have a certain bust size, certain symmetrical features, the right height, and fall within the correct race, and age category, and blah blah boring.

Obviously that is dysfunctional. The correct definition is a woman (or anyone) that is living healthy, the best she can, and expressing that internal beauty into an outward radiance in any way that feels liberating to her. The end.


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