Skin Absorbs 60% of What of You Put On It


The leaves of plants have these things called stomata. Stomata are little gateways that release and take in moisture from the air as the plant responds to its environment. The leaves of plants are breathing. Our skin is very similar in that it too is receiving information from the environment around us and sending messages to the rest of our body to be acted upon accordingly, it too breathes.


Skin is intelligent. It can tell us when we the temperature is too cold, too hot, too dry, too wet and make micro adjustments accordingly. It can, like the leaves of plants absorb and release moisture. Our skin is breathing and permeable.

Fact: The skin absorbs 60% of what we put on it.

Let that fact soak in for a second. More than half of what you put on the outside of your skin ends up on the inside of your skin.

It is miraculous. Without us doing anything our skin is in exchange with the fresh air we are hiking in, the sunshine we are frollciking in, the ocean we are floating in, the hot springs we are soaking in. It means that we can use our skin to deliver nutrients into our body, it means we feed our skin. It also means our skin is exchange with every oil, lotion, cream, and make up that we use.

The beauty industry is not heavily regulated, just because it is on the shelf for sale does mean it is safe for use, especially long term use. We need to be discerning about what we are slathering and lathering on one our biggest organs. Many of our lotions, skin creams, body creams, sun screens, ect have added chemicals like emulsifiers, emollients, thickeners, fragrances, and preservatives. Many of these have not been tested or are questionable for long term use, and many of them are ending up in our systems due to the fact that the skin absorbs so very much.

This is why checking your ingredients, even on beauty products that say natural and organic (chemicals can be organic) is important. Take care of your insides by being diligent about what you put on the outside.

Make your own or buy from a green beauty company that is truly invested in keeping their beauty and skin products clean and clear of harmful chemicals.

And read the ingredients and use to plug in any unknown ingredients and find out more about what you are putting on your skin.

Be well!