Peppermint Bark Sugar Scrub Recipe

This peppermint bark sugar scrub recipe is going to become your favorite winter holiday salvation, it has the deep, rich smell of chocolate, the uplifting smell of peppermint and leaves your skin super soft after a using in a warm shower.

Cocoa powder not only tastes great and makes wonderful food, the all necessary dark chocolate but its also packed with anti-oxidants which are good for your insides and for your skin. The cocoa powder adds an element of nutrients for your skin to this  sugar scrub. It acts like a full body mask if you let it soak in for a few moments in the shower after exfoliating with it.

Although any cocoa powder would work for this sugar scrub, supporting a fair trade chocolate company would be great. The chocolate industry has a history of using child slave labor. Whole Foods and health food stores will carry a certified fair trade cocoa powder, just look for the certification on the label.

This recipe also contains the CO2 extract of Cocoa, which is like the essential oil of the cocoa plant. It adds a deep grounding scent to this recipe. If you want to leave out the Cocoa extract you can do so, but it does take the peppermint bark scrub to the next level of awesome-ness as far as scent is concerned.

This sugar scrub also contains peppermint essential oil. Peppermint is known to be uplifting to the spirits and good for mental clarity.  It is also great for digestion and has been known to help curb the appetite and cravings. So instead of grabbing another holiday cookie go jump in the shower with your peppermint bark sugar scrub, it will feed your soul and your senses, leave you feeling refreshed, and leave you skin soft and nourished, you’ll be glowing brighter than all those holiday lights.


Peppermint Bark Scrub

***this recipe makes about 4oz

1tbs Cocoa Powder

1/4 cup Cane Sugar

1/4 cup + 1tbs Sunflower Oil (or other non-smelling cold pressed organic oil)

1/4 cup Sea Salt (fine sea salt is better than coarse for this recipe)

3 drops Peppermint EO

2 drops Cocoa CO2 Extract



Be Gentle, An Act of Love


As I was reflecting (on world events) and writing this, I looked out the window and saw this buck by the river. The deer don’t come in my yard, so it seemed special, and as I writing this for all of us I thought I should share his picture.

Step out into nature and the tension and fear are washed away. There is a message of gentleness, be gentle with yourselves, with your loved ones, with friends, with the earth. Being gentle does not mean being weak, it means moving through life with an air of compassion and grace. Keep walking in your truth and being of service, because every little act of kindness is linked to every other act of kindness and a whole web is weaved together.

When we are faced with a world that is displaying scary things there is a choice to be made, you can either live in a world of love or a world of fear. It is really one collective manifestation versus another. Choose love.  Make every act, an act of love, an act of service towards the greater good that builds a world on a foundation of peace.

We can do this, together.