Luscious Lemon Lip Scrub

This Luscious Lemon Lip Scrub brings your lips back to their soft moist natural state when they have become dry and flaky after.

When you lips have become chapped to the point where they have little flakes of skin peeling off them it doesn’t matter how much lip balm you put on, you will still be dealing with those chapped little annoying flakes of dead skin.

This scrub gently takes off the dead skin and the flaky skin so that when you do apply your balm it can protect and moisturize your lips, instead of just sitting on top of already dead skin that needs exfoliated.

This lip scrub recipe also smells incredible. You could also add your own scent, as long as the essential oil is one that can be used safely internally, just incase some accidentally gets in your mouth.

Luscios Lemon Lip Scrub

1 part Sugar

1 part sunflower oil

1 part honey

A drop or two of Lemon Essential Oil

1. Mix all ingredients together and store in sealable jar or container.

That’s it.

Direction for use;

Simply rub onto your lips. I like to let it set there for a minute and then massage it around my lips. Follow with a rinse and some lip balm.

A lip scrub is a nice thing to have around during the dry summer months or the winter when cold followed by indoor heat confuse our lips.

It’s also great to have on hand when you know you will be spending a lot of time outside doing extreme activities like climbing in the sun or stand up paddle board at the sunny beach.

Wild women love to play. And they love to nurture themselves.