Wild Woman and the Divine Feminine

What is a wild woman?



She is the embodiment of the Divine Feminine. She is every woman, and in every woman. This energy of the divine feminine lives within man too, but it is women who are bringing it back.

The face of the divine feminine changes across time, across the continents, but she is that part of every woman kept in a secret safe chamber that is unchanged by the society around her. It is this part of women that recognizes and sees, truly sees, another woman, despite any socioeconomic, cultural, or lingual barrier when it is awakened in her. When your eyes meet she SEES you and you SEE her. It is this divine feminine aspect of women that has been silenced and forgotten in many cultures and places.

But while the divine feminine has gone unhonored, she did not disappear. She has roared loudly in some women over the ages, these were the torch bearers. While in others she laid silently gaining strength in the shadows, waiting for the right moment to re-emerge.

And now we have arrived at that time. We are finding the wild women everywhere.

The wild woman is what you find in nature, the unadulterated version of a woman that is fully embodying her divine feminine nature.  She is awake to her nature and she knows it.  As our awareness of nature returns and all that is embodies, so does our honoring of the divine feminine; the wild woman. This archetype of the wild woman is wild at heart, boundless in her beauty, compassion, and power. She is comfortable in her shape, her skin, and her ways, because nature is the only thing that has shaped her.

The wild woman has not suffered the suppresive hand of society, yet she has felt the cold wind, and the warm rain, she has felt the ground shake violently and been soothed by the songs of the birds, she has grown strong to the heavy snow and supple to the raging river, but she has not felt the sting of a society that tried to silence her.

She has developed an understanding of her intuitive nature. The wild woman can sense the creative powers that surge through her. Nature has taught her to nurture. Nature has also taught her of receptivity and the ability to hold something while still setting it free to follow its own course. Nature has held the wild woman’s hand while whispering in her ear that her emotions are great waves of water rising within and to let them flow. Nature has reflected to this divine feminine child of hers that her beauty is beautiful no matter if it is the stark barren landscape of winter or the gentleness of early autumn.

The divine feminine energy that pulses through nature pulses through the wild woman and she is free.

The wild woman is our modern day goddess in touch with her divine feminine nature, a woman who never lost touch with her wild woman self.

And She lives in all of us.

Cocoa Vanilla Body Butter



First let me say sorry if my enthusiasm is over the top, but this body butter is so darn good, everyone I give it to wants to eat it because it smells so darn good. Once I talk them out of eating it, and talk them into spreading it on their skin, they fall in love. Yes love. You would marry it if you could, its that good.

Again this recipe is simple, and clean, and potent-o. It works really well to soften the skin, it absorbs quickly, the smell will subtly stay with you while grounding your energy and lifting your spirits at the same time.

This is the perfect body butter for the wild woman whose skin needs some pampering because she has been running in the woods all day, or gardening, or chasing her wild child children, or maybe she is a warrior goddess working the front lines in the corporate world, but whoever this wild women is she will benefit from this Cocoa Vanilla Body Butter because it is divinity in a nice little jar.


Ok enough, lets get onto the recipe;

1/2 cup Mango Butter

1/2 cup Shea Butter

1/2 cup Coconut Oil

1/2 cup Jojoba Oil

10 drops Vanilla CO2 Extract

5 drops Cocoa CO2 Extract


1. Melt all the butters and the jojoba oil together. Do this gently and slowly, no rushing, no burning of the oils.

2. Take off heat and let cool slightly. The place it in the refrigerator for about an hour. You are waiting for the oils to become semi-solid, so keep checking on it.

3. When the oils are becoming semi-solid, take it out and add your essential oils.  And using an electric mixer like a coffee frother, or hand held electric whisker, or an emersion blender whisk the oils together. They will become creamy.

4. For place them back in the refrigerator for another 20min or so. Take out and mix again, until you get a thick creamy butter.

5. Place it in a nice jar with a lid.

Depending on the quality of your extracts and your preferences you may need to adjust the extract amount.

***This body butter stays creamy at temps under 75. Above that they may begin to melt or get too soft. This won’t affect the hydrating properties but it will not spread as nicely. So store in a cool place (like not the hot car on a camping trip in the desert)


Enjoy and be well,



Cleansing the Chakras with Nature



We need to clear and charge our chakras with nature because many of us are sensitive to the modern lifestyle. All the running around. A lot of electronic devices and a lot time indoors and in cars. And we feel it, it affects us, and it affects our auric fields. Our chakras do a lot of extra work keeping us clean, keeping up our protective energetic boundaries, filtering out the excess static from media and over stimulation that we do not want to sticking to us.


So its a good practice to cleanse and balance your chakras.


There are many exercises we can do to keep the auric field and its chakras clean. For example we can smudge with sage, do chakra clearing meditations, we can take salt baths, we can wear certain crystals. I love all of these (love them, thats why I call this woowoomomma, because I love metaphysical woowoo stuff) but the one I think is best, as in BEST, the one I think makes all the chakra cleansings even better, is being in Nature.


It takes about a week outside in nature for the entire human body system to regulate itself back to a balanced system.


It takes about 5min standing on the earth barefoot for the electrical circuits to be re-established between your feet and the earth.


It takes about 20 min outside for the chakras to balance themselves.


Spending time in Nature might be the best thing you do for your aura. Just by being out there your chakras begin to regulate themselves, no sage or meditations needed. Although that would make balancing the chakras even more powerful.


Here are step by step instructions;


Step 1. Go outside. The more wild the better. But even the backyard works.

Step 2. Stay outside. You may nap. Walk. Run. Jump. Skip. Or whatever.

Step 3. Repeat the next day.


You do not need to pray, or visualize, or meditate, your body will of its own intelligence fall into sync with Nature. You can pray or chant or whatnot, prayers in nature are powerful and visualization would make this practice even stronger but to cleanse and balance the chakras just being in harmony with nature does the trick.


When you are outside the chakras begin to spin all in the same direction and they begin to be balanced. Meaning they are all open to the same degree and spinning with the same speed. This means that each one of your energy centers is taking in and processing the same amount of energy from the nature around you. Literally your system is balanced and in line or aligned with itself.


If you spend the entire week outside your balanced chakras taking in the same amount of energy at the same rate would begin the process of balancing your entire physical being.


Obviously spending weeks outside at a time is not feasible for a lot of us a lot of the time. But if we did this once or twice a year and then the rest of the time made sure we were spending at least 20min or more outside a day our energetic fields would be balanced, cleansed, and cleared.


Cleansing the chakras with nature would also mean;

More patience

More clarity

More joy

More playfulness (less depression)

More creativity

More vitality

More health (less down time being sick)

More Vitamin D (always a good thing)

More intuition.


There are other benefits but you get the point.


Find your wild place and soak your spirit in the energy of it. Breathe it in, revel in it.  You deserve it. Your chakras deserve it.


*****Warning; Spending time outside in wild places may cause a sudden surge in wild women activity. You may find yourself howling at the moon, singing wildly at the top of your lungs, or dancing (possibly naked). Conditions vary according to nature.

Divine Feminine; A Woman’s Guide to Intuition

There is a little voice inside all of us that is trying to be heard. Sometimes the voice is quiet and still, and other times this voice is loud and raging like a rapid river. And sometimes it is so faint we think it has entirely disappeared. Drowned out by the noise around us sometimes it can seem like that guiding voice is gone. But when we step into Nature the voice of our inner knowing rises to meet with the Voice of Nature. It is this divine feminine knowing that whispers to us from the earth, and calls our spirit up through the chaotic noises of life to ring loud and clear in our ears once again. It is in the woods, on the mountains, through the surf, and in the wind in the grass that the Goddess sends forth her wisdom and calls upon her wild women children to listen the goddess that lives within.

All you really need to do is step out into a wild place and let go of expectations of what you should or should not be feeling and hearing. Let your intuition bubble from the depths as nature calls it in to unison with great goddess of nature.

I wrote this guide to help in that process, with things that I have learned along the way that have made it easier. Some of the tips are from teachers that I have studied with. Other teachings are bits of knowledge that have come from my heart and what I have witnessed when connecting with nature, spirit, and the divine feminine.

I hope you can enjoy it. I hope it inspires you to listen to the voice of the wild goddess inside you. I hope it helps you know that place is always there and that the divine feminine is always there for you to connect with and be one with, even when you can’t get outside to howl at the moon and run wild and free.

Just remember in your heart, in your spirit you are always free, you are always perfect.

Be well!

Intuition of the Sacred Feminine






A Woman’s Guide to Intuition

How to Connect to the Divine Feminine and Use Your Intuition Everyday

Ostara’s Full Moon

The first full moon after the vernal equinox is a ripe time to take note of the creative force now moving in full swing in our northern hemisphere. (Fun fact: Easter is always the first Sunday, after the first full moon, after the vernal equinox) At this first full moon in the season of spring the feminine energies have woken up and are beginning to move through our world and through us. The name Easter comes from the name of the goddess Ostara who is said to bring spring.


Energetically at this time the divine feminine energy has stirred from slumber and is now beginning to entice us with her smells, adorn the world with her greenery, and give us abundance straight from her breast so that we may thrive.


We can tap into the rising creative goddess energy of this time of year, especially around the full moon. It is there swirling around us, a great sea of pink, red, and green light. This energy is ebbing and flowing like a great ocean tide, rising with the moon, sinking back down and gathering energy as the moon wanes to new, and then rising and expanding to full again. Here we find ourselves in the midst of it, being bathed in a sea of goddess energy ripe with fertility and creativity, ready and ripe for the using.


With intention we can focus this energy, much like a prism focuses the light around it. We can breathe all that creative force into our souls, through our feet on the earth, through our palms turned to the heavens, through our open hearts, and we can focus that energy to a point. Standing in the moonlight breathing in the flood of light and energy around us into our very beings and then like the prism focusing it to our intention.


We should ask ourselves: To what intention do I want to focus this creative fertile force swirling around me right now? What do I want to grow and nurture? What do I want to see to fruition and harvest later?


Honor the Goddess of Spring returning with the creative forces by focusing those energies and by being grateful for the fertility that she brings.  And water your intentions every day with the creative forces swirling around you.

Happy Return!