Wild Woman Soft Hands Sugar Scrub

Well wild women its that time of year again when we have traded in the winter mittens for the garden gloves. Spring time inspires many of us to get busy, and usually that means our hands take the brunt. There craft projects to be done, gardens to be tended, and often spring cleaning to be done. Sometimes just the switch in weather can be enough to leave our hands feeling a little rough around the edges.

This sugar scrub is so easy! Just keep it by the kitchen and when you feel the need give your hands a little loving by gently massaging this over them. Then rinse. And tadaa your hands will be soft and smooth.


Mix Equal Parts;


Sea Salt (I prefer the fine, but coarse works too)

Vegetable Oil (Almond and Sunflower are great as they don’t have a strong smell)

A drop or 2 of Lemon Essential Oil

A drop or 2 of Lavender Essentail oil

Store in a jar next the the kitchen sink, use as needed for silky soft hands.


Skin Cleanser Miracle Grains

This all natural skin cleanser recipe in one that I learned of years ago when I took an herbal course from Rosemary Gladstar (which I highly recommend). I have been using this recipe ever since and I love it. The ingredients for these skin cleanser miracle grains are pure and simple, and leave your face feeling refreshed.

I love it because is simple. I feel like one of the best things we can do in this busy life is simplify and this skin cleanser recipe does just that.

Miracle Grains

1 Cup finely ground Oats

2 Cups White Clay

¼ Cup finely ground Almonds

⅛ Cup ground Lavender

⅛ Cup ground Roses

Cleansing Grains



What is doesn’t have:

-No harsh chemicals

-Ingredients that hard to pronounce

-No preservatives

-No stabilizers


What it does have:

-Vital nutrients for skin

-Simple ingredients

-Whole ingredients

-Safe ingredients

-Versatility (we love products that can multi-task)


I also love it because you can adjust for own skin, add a little more moisture or a drop of essential oil suited to your skin type. Adjust it seasonally for different weathers and climates. Or make it a mask. Or more of an exfoliator. But even by itself these cleansing grains are miraculous, in fact that is what Rosemary Gladstar named them in her course; Miracle Grains. And in my humble opinion they are just that.


To Make:

  1. Grind each ingredient to a powder. A coffee grinder, that has not been used for coffee, works great for this.
  2. Mix all the ingredients together. Here you may add a drop or two of essential oil. Keep in mind sensitive skin and young skin often do better without any essential oils. And if you do use them, pay attention to not add too much. A drop or two really is enough.
  3. Store in a beautiful glass container (something that would make Aphrodite proud)


To Use:

Mix 1-2 teaspoons with water some water in the palm of your hand. Gently, very gently, massage over your face. Rinse well.

You can also get creative with these cleansing grains.

-You could add honey and rose water and mix to a paste, for added moisture.

-Or you could mix with yogurt and make a cooling, soothing mask for irritated, dry skin.

-Or you could switch out the white clay and use red clay if you have heavier more oily skin.


Enjoy & Be Well,


Spring Equinox Solar Eclipse

The spring equinox for many of us is a day of celebration. We can feel the earth coming alive under our feet, we can hear it in the sounds around us. As I sit outside and write this I realize that the hush of winter has fallen away and the business of summer is blossoming before our eyes. And we are here in the middle hanging in a fleeting balance between the heat of summer and the cold of winter. Between long days and long nights. Between sweaters and tank tops.  Really we are hinging on a moment in time that is a perfect balance between all that is. If Nature had a physical point of enlightenment, the spring equinox would be it.

This spring equinox finds us at an even more sublime moment, as we consider the fact that it is also a Solar Eclsipse, and there is also a square going on between Uranus and Pluto. You can read more on that here.

What you really need to know is that the introduction to this current spring season came with some hiccups, some large and some small. Choices from our past are popping up and we have to deal with them. Either by recognizing that we have already learned that lesson or by being at peace and forgiveness with choices we made long ago, and from on out making new choices.

You may also be feeling an eruption of creative impulse within yourself as the creative forces of the northern hemisphere waken again. Here there may be a slight feeling of apathy or depression, because while you feel those energies you do not know how or where to focus them. And that is because of the energy of the solar eclipse, the the light is eclipsed, we can’t quite see where to go. However this also gives us a chance to see into the shadows that we normally cannot see because they lie so close to the brilliance of the sun. What is it that is so close to you, laying in the shadow that you normally can’t see because you are blinded by the light? Now is a moment to take a look.

There is never a wrong time to take deep breathes, but there are particularly great times and right now is one of them. Inhale and exhale deeply while trusting that in time you will once again know the actions to take to follow the creative impulses arising at this time. Until you know what to do just keep breathing. And maybe just keep breathing after that too ;).


And the beautiful image is from starvisionscommunity.org


Be well,



Nature’s Beautiful Mess

The scientist and researchers of the modern world are finally putting it together that we need to be outside and they are finding data to support this. I don’t need the data, I just need to walk outside.


Nature is an endless source of inspiration. She takes your woes and distributes them among her branches and breezes and shakes the doubt right out of them.


When I step into her cradle I realize I am woman. I realize what this means as I watch the womanly grace of nature handle and delegate in stride. I learn from her not to get tripped up on the mess, not to get distracted by the disorganization. Because out of chaos, beauty is born.


Inside the mess of life piles up around me. The bills, the papers, the endless emails, the sheets of homework, the leftovers that must be eaten, the piles of clean and dirty laundry, and the endless torrent of words in my head that are longing to find a way onto paper, the trinkets from birthday parties, the ideas that need to be given form, an endless barrage of life’s stuff piling up around me in what seems to be a tidal wave of crap.


Breathe, I tell myself. Let it go, I tell myself. It will all get done in its own time, I tell myself.


And then the familiar whisper I know so well. A gentle, and ancient whisper, it comes from somewhere deep inside me, yet beyond me at the same time. It comes from some kind of core that I share with the rest of creation. It whispers, loudly…”go….out….side….”


I step outside. Nature laughs at me in a way that reflects my own silly nature. She sweeps her hand aside and the veil of my own short sightedness is momentarily drawn aside.


I see that her house is an utter mess too. She has piles of leaves in the corners of rocks. She has other piles of rocks that are only half way down the mountain, almost to the river, but not quite. She has clouds that are procrastinating on dropping their moisture. Some of her trees are bent from the wind, because she has not finished wearing down the mountain, and so the mountain creates a wind to be reckoned to with. Some of her flowers are wilting while others are blooming with vigor. Some of the seeds are not even planted yet. There are even dead animals lying here and there that her scavengers have not scavenged yet.


But she smiles at me with her fresh unforgiving nature and reminds me that all of this “mess” is the creation of beauty. All of this chaos begets beauty. Without the mess there would be no creation. All of it is a work in progress. The piles of leaves, the dead animals, the clouds holding their moisture, the mountain slowly wearing down, all of it is part of a grander outcome that will never be finished.


The work will always be ongoing. There will always be piles of dirty laundry and rotting leaves. And there will always be clean laundry and fresh flowers. And they will always exist together, like light and dark, there will always be a method of mess that leads to a beautiful outcome that leads right back to another pile of mess, whether that is a pile of rocks or dishes.


“You have to break a few eggs to make an omelette.”



“A wise man’s work is never done.”

-The Tao de Ching