The New Definition of Beauty


The new definition of beauty is a holistic one that has at its foundation a happy and healthy internal environment that then gets radiated externally.


There is a new definition of beauty that is in our world today that is healthier and more holistic than the definition of of the past decades. Our definition is becoming encompassing and holistic.


We still have a ways to for sure. Women are still overwhelmed with pictures of other women who have been photoshopped to a creepy perfection and unattainable proportions. It is still an everyday battle working through years of stereotypes and narrow definitions of beauty, including shape, color, size, and facial features.


But the conversation has begun and it is refreshing.


There is now a dialogue around the fact that not all of us (indeed, most of us) do not fit into the standard that the beauty industry has given us to live up to. Even better than that is that this dialogue contains talk of a new definition of beauty, a definition that goes deeper than skin deep.


True glowing beauty starts from the inside and works its way out.


The new definition of beauty has a strong element of personal empowerment.


We are defining our own definitions of beauty. Detaching from what society tells us we should do, or feel, or look like, or be to be beautiful, women are deciding for themselves what makes them feel beautiful.


For example some women do not want to shave their body hair, they let the vagina go wild, while other women go Brazilian and wax it clean. Each set of these women often get criticized by society for their choices, one group for being “dirty and amazonian” and the other group for shaving off their hair that is “supposed to be there”.


But you know what? Neither group gives a f*** what society thinks. They are doing what feels right for them, they are doing what feels good for them, and when you feel good you look good.


Beauty comes from a place of comfort.


Another facet of the new definition beauty is when you are comfortable in your own skin, you show it, you own it, you are proud of it. Being comfortable in your own skin starts in your spirit. It starts from a place of feeling safe in this world, when you feel safe you feel comfortable enough to be seen for how beautiful you are. So comfort starts inside, deep in the spirit, in a place where you intuitively believe that you belong, you are safe, and you are loved. When you feel this safety, this comfort, then you will radiate it out to the world.

We are all beautiful and we all belong here.

Join the movement!