Honoring the Sacred Feminine


As I sat under the full super moon last night I did so with the intention of connecting with and honoring the Sacred Feminine. As I sat there, I was enveloped with an overwhelmingly simple yet powerful message.

The message was to be gentle.

There is so much intensity in the world right now. Many things and relationships are shifting to a place of truth. Old beliefs that do not fit are being thrown off and discarded. Power struggles are occurring in an attempt for balance and transparency to be reached in both personal relationships, business relationships, and world affairs. On a personal level people are looking inward and holding themselves to a higher standard; taking risks in reaching their dreams, speaking their truth, and taking more action against the injustices around them.  All of which brings people and humanity to a place of greater love.

But while we grow and shift into these new roles we are being guided to be gentle with ourselves and in all things that we do. Do not force, cling, or worry. Be gentle with yourself, and with others. Be gentle with your attitude, your words, and your desires. Be gentle with the growing pains, with your expectations, be patient with the time it can take yourself and others to embody a new way of being. In a nutshell; we and our world are shifting towards ever greater ways of being, and sometimes the road is rocky, so be gentle with yourself and others.

Be gentle and soft, and an acceptance will come allowing the things you want to come, and those you don’t want to drift away.

This was it, to be gentle.

‘Til next time, much love

Raising a peaceful and powerful woman

How do you raise a little girl to be the free divine confident full woman that you know is inside her?

By being one yourself.

 Raising a woman

What is a full and divine woman?

  • She is compassionate.
  • She is wise. She is intuitive.
  • And she follows it.
  • She is powerful, and knows it.
  • She is beautiful and shows  it.
  • She knows her beauty comes from the light inside.
  • She demands to be heard. Not demanding by shouting or temper tantrums, but demanding as in “I will only take the option of being heard. There is no other option.”
  • She knows you cannot please everyone all the time.
  • She listens to both what is being said and to what is NOT being said.
  • She follows that voice inside of her. Even it goes against the grain.
  • She wears her black sheep wool proudly.
  • She defines her own standard of beauty.
  • She honors her body and its all its cycles.
  • She nurtures others, but she nurtures herself first. Because then her well is full.

By embodying all these things we teach our young women that their strength comes from within. Teaching them to be embodied with the lessons that make for a strong peaceful women is done by being that strong peaceful women.

The work lies within us. You teach your daughter to be a woman in the divine and full sense of the word by being that very divine full feminine woman yourself.

And surround yourself with other empowered women.

And the men that stand with them. (hmmm, that’s a whole other article!)

Got ideas? Please pass’em on!