Honoring Your Beauty with the Clean and Green

Hey Wild Women, take your power (and your money) back!!


Those high end fancy beauty products can be high end and luxurious without the cost and without the chemicals.


So what is the billion dollar beauty business all about?


Why do women love their beauty products so much?


We as a society of women should not buy into the media that lulls us into a belief of  unattainable perfection or presents to us only a narrow range of sizes. I do not believe we should fall under the spell of the pied piper advertisements convincing us to buy overpriced chemical laden products that promise flawless skin. Nor do I think that aging should be something with the word anti in front of it.


So why do we fall for it?


Is there some kind of internal insecurity in women that gets played upon so that we spend our money on these products. We are sold an idea of how we should look to be successful, accepted, happy and then we are sold products to help us be that image that was presented to us in the first place.


But still why do we do this? Why do we buy into the idea that we need to be like the image they offering and use their products to attain that image? Are we insecure by nature?


No. Women are not by nature insecure. What has happened is the beauty industry has taken something that is a natural inclination for women and turned it on its head. They have used our natural inclination against us.


What is this natural inclination?


It’s the inclination for adornment, for honoring something sacred through the act of beautification.


There always has been, especially among women, but really among all people of all cultures , the love of self decorating or self adornment. It is a natural inclination. Even children do it when they cover their faces in mud and put flowers in their hair.


The Arapaho Indians of Colorado tattooed themselves with yucca plants and ashes. Certain African tribes elongate their necks. People pierce themselves. At its core these sorts of decorations are often celebrations, rites of passage, and ritualistic in their own right.


A woman’s beauty routine is much the same way.


On a primal level she is honoring that part of herself that is a goddess. She is laying flowers at the feet of the divine feminine when she cleanses her skin at night. When she applies her cream in the morning, it is like anointing a sacred one. Same goes for the makeup.


The beauty routine is often called a beauty ritual, taking the time to honor your skin, your body, your vessel. Taking the time to see through the lens of your face what is your body is needing. More moisture? A lighter diet? Less sun? Excercise? Rest?


I myself was so resistant to beauty products and the whole beauty industry in my teens, twenties, and part of my thirties. I didn’t trust it. I rebelled against it. I wanted nothing to do with pretending to be something I was not, by covering my eyes, lips, and cheeks with false color and very real chemicals, preservatives, and fillers.


Until I worked in a holistic spa.


In the spa I met these wonderful naturally oriented estheticians. They were earthy and natural and beautiful. And women would come to see them for this essence of beauty that they carried with them, and these women would leave glowing. It was here for the first time that I was bitten by the natural beauty bug, which lead me to getting my eyelashes tinted with a natural dye, and I felt glorious. It was in that glory that everything shifted.


I understood that to adorn my body, my face, my skin, did not mean I was hiding from the world or pretending to be something I was not. In a sense it meant the opposite. It meant that I was ready to be seen. It meant I was grateful for this physical body and this face, and that I was putting that appreciation into action by nurturing my skin and adding to its natural beauty with clean and natural beauty products.


I was honoring myself, my beauty, in my own way…..


This is probably something other women figured out early on but I needed to understand the spiritual foundation behind it first.


And I needed to find the world of green beauty products!!