Following Your Intuition

Following Your Intuition


The gift of intuition is a gift of the Divine Feminine.

The Divine Feminine being the female energy or aspect of God, Creator, the Great Mystery. She is the reflection we see in the beauty of the earth, she is what we feel in the warmth of an embrace, she is the quiet power of knowing. This aspect, has long been shoved aside as we can see in the religions currently ruling the earth, in the fact that some groups are dominant over others (male aspect out of balance), and in the destruction of natural beauty and wild places.

Most of us have moved away from the embrace of the divine feminine and one of the results of this was a moving away from intuition. It was not embraced or encouraged. But the divine feminine is making a come back, she is taking off her cloak and asking us to do the same. As we use our intuition we call out to her and create a space within ourselves for her, and has she moves into our beings she sharpens our intuition.

Creating a space and inviting the divine feminine into our beings, our lives, our world is the counterbalance to our out of balance current way of life. The divine feminine and our intuition are intricately linked, and these 2 together will be the source of change that we need.

Getting in touch with our intuition calls forth the divine feminine and calling forth the divine feminine puts us in touch with our intuition. And following our intuition is always win win for everyone.

The following of intuition always leads to greater goodness for everyone. This is true because intuition is the communication link between the divine and the divine within us, and therefore It’s guidance always has the good of All at its core. Following this it is easy to see how we as a race have made choices that were not in the good of all life because we have not been choosing with the guiding hand of Her intuition. But She is waking up and more and more of us are using our intuition on a regular daily life basis.

Its a simple equation Big scary world problems would change effortlessly if we as individuals followed out intuition. If our leaders would follow their intuition complicated problems would solve themselves. Being lead by intuition one is more capable of following their bliss. Feeling blissful they spread their happiness effortlessly. Happiness is contagious. Eventually the world will be reigned by peace because people will be following their intuition, and intuition being a mechanism for direct communication with your very own divine essence leads (always) to greater bliss for everyone. Divine guidance is always WIN WIN.

Following Intuition=Bliss (Bliss is Contagious)=World Wide Spread of Bliss=World Peace

You ARE intuitive.

Recovering your intuition is something that you can start right now. You do not need to go take a course on using it, or get certified to use it, and you do not have to be a professional psychic or healer to want to use or to use it. The whole point is that we should all be using it. By using and honoring our intuition the world will find its way back to a place of harmony and balance.

What does that mean, “a place of harmony and balance”? That means that the world and all the creatures in it would have equal rights and opportunities. There would be justice for all if we were all following our intuition, because our intuition always speaks the betterment of all life, it always comes from a place of Creator’s love.

All creatures would be happy and free.

Nature’s Center


Whenever I find myself overwhelmed by the world and my place in it I step into Nature. She always has a solace for me. It seems when I am down and cannot stop the cycle of self doubt or criticism or despair, I step into her arms and her embrace shifts me. The universe is so much bigger than me if I can just get myself to be in her grandeur she counsels my soul back to its center. She is a master at knowing where to put things.


She knows where to place each snowflake as it makes its journey from sky to earth. She finds the right spot for each river and tree lining it. In the garden she blooms the flowers exactly where they will flourish, in the forest her brooks travel their chaotic course in perfect guidance to her will. And I am the same way. When I step away from the confines of the walls, and the cars, and the concrete floors, when I bare my skin and my soul to her embrace, she scoops me up and places me right back in the center where I belong.


And for a moment in time, I am so completely right again. Zen doesn’t have anything on this, it is beyond words. I am exactly where i am supposed to be, doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing. I can let go, because she has me. I can sink in, because she is solid. I can open my eyes and look because she will show me beauty. In her grace I know everything to be perfect, every little imperfection to be perfect.


Like three sweet grandmas she cuddles me with a force that I cannot deny. I step into line. I hear the murmurings of sorry rise in my heart. Sorry I got so down, so annoyed with myself, sorry I wasted a couple hours of Life’s gift being grumpy. I know its not worth it. And I now right now, we are always where we are supposed to be. And we all deserve love. Myself included.


And then when guilt has subsided and been washed away by the waving grass at my feet, the faint beginnings of thank you arise. Thank you Nature for always being so full of Great Spirit. Thank you for always taking me into your arms and showing me your truth, the TRUTH. Thank you for breaking my walls and loving me when I would let no one else in to help.


And then there is a silence. A meeting and merging of two into one. And I am complete.

Thank you.


And I do this over and over. Whenever I get off balance, I seek out my place in Nature. It feels good to know where you belong.