She Wears Whatever She Wants


We all know her. That larger than life spirit that is so beautiful and she knows it, sometimes she even flaunts it, making no apologies for how breathtaking she is.


She is so big in her glory.

She is always putting the craziest colors together, pairing up greens with shades of red. Wearing orange and pink at the same time. She wears white after Labor and doesn’t bat an eye.


She asks no one how she looks, she knows you think she is beautiful and that you admire her, but she would dress like that even if no one was watching. She doesn’t ask anyone their opinion or if they think she is beautiful. She is beautiful and she knows it, so she doesn’t have to ask.


Sometimes in the middle of winter she bares it all. And apologizes to none. Comfortable in her nakedness, in her own skin.


She has sharp pointy irregular lines and jagged edges that meet curvy round mounds that are really way too big for symmetry, but again she doesn’t care. She barely fits in her skin in certain places and in other places it wrinkles and rolls and folds in on itself.


Effortless in her design, magnificent in her moods, always matching the colors of the moment to the feel of her emotion she is a master at the art of grace.


And the crazy part is that she rubs off on you. After your with her for a few minutes staring at her glory or basking her in bosom, you start to feel more beautiful, more sensuous, more vibrant, more confident in your dance, owning your beauty.


Suddenly you find your self dressing in hues of sky blue and shades of yellow. Gracefully baring your skin. Dancing with sharp jagged lines and wrinkles that fall in on themselves. And you find yourself doing it with an air authority, with a  confidence that asks and answers to none yet gives to everyone.


Nature is beauty.


And she will teach you the art of setting your own standard, of being yourself, of measuring yourself against none, of wearing what you want when you want, of confidence, and grace.


As my friend Kathleen G. Peterson said, “Nature does beauty so well.”


Go be beautiful, in any way, shape, or form that you want.